Sunday, October 2, 2011

What's going on?

I may be a true gearhead but I'm also a keen technologist and jazz musician. I thought I'd use this space to post any of the other interesting things I'm doing, thinking or listening to.

Winter is almost here. Its 10degC in Ottawa right now. When the snow flies, both the XJ12 and the 560 will be tucked away in the garage and I start driving the 190E again. Without an insulated garage, any heavy wrenching has to be put aside for the summer.

In the winter, I spend more time playing music - the saxophone mostly these days and writing open source software (see my sourceforge page). And contrary to conventional wisdom, I actually go jogging/running more often in the winter.

But if you're here only for the car stuff, don't panic, I do have a few winter car projects lined up. On the 560, I will be changing the odometer gears, front brakes, front shocks+springs, and installing the original Becker radio. On the Jag, probably not much any time soon. I do need to do a valve adjustment and maybe even just rebuild the heads altogether, but that will definitely be a summer project.

Welcome to my blog 2.0.

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